Home security firms see increase in business

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) Local home security firms say they've seen an increase in business in the wake of four murders in Douglas and Washoe Counties in the past two weeks.

"It's got people thinking and that's a good thing," says David Currier of Reno's Scotland Yard Spy Shop. "It's got them thinking about their surroundings, their home security, their personal security."

And it's brought more people through his doors. Like others in the home security business, he's seen an uptick in interest in the wake of the murders.

They're finding a variety of approaches to the subject: high-tech cameras that masquerade as common items. What looks like a rock, but contains a heat detection-triggered camera which can shoot and record in the dark while notifying you by cell phone. Everyday items like a phone charger that doubles as a camera or a clock radio.

"When it identifies motion it starts taking snap shots. It'll take three snap shots and immediately sends it to your phone. You get a notification on your phone and can see whatever it was that set it off."

The opposite of this approach is a dummy camera, mounted in plain sight as a deterrent. Signs that send the same message.

Some want personal defense weaponry and are buying it.

Whatever they choose, Currier sends them away with a few words of advice.

"Number one; I like this one the best. You have no obligation to open that front door. If somebody knocks on your front door, don't answer it until you've identified who's on the other side. Keep a weapon in the house, whether it be pepper spray, baseball bat, firearm. Be ready."