Home on Godfather II filming location now up for sale

Published: Feb. 21, 2018 at 5:17 AM PST
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If you want to buy a home where one of the greatest movies of all time was filmed, that opportunity is now available.

“Several of the original structures remain,” said Craig Miller of Sierra Sothebys Realty.

“Many of them were removed to make room for the development of 22 new homes back in the early '80s.”

The home - currently listed at

- is one of the Fleur Du Lac Estates, located on the site where much of The Godfather Part II was filmed.

And while the actual home seen in the movie is now gone, other structures remain. When you walk outside the home you can see the shoreline where the party was held in honor of Michael Corleone’s son’s first communion. The office, boat house, and yacht club all remain as well.

If you were to drive to the estate, you might notice another difference from how it was portrayed in the film.

“In the movie, they quote this site as being in Nevada, when in fact it’s in California,” said co-listing agent Katherina Haug.

It’s located in Homewood, California, and is just a 5-minute drive from the ski resort of the same name.