High security for men's basketball game at Lawlor

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) In order to prevent another fight from happening like the one that took place between the Nevada and UNLV football teams, UNR Police are increasing security for the men's basketball game.


"It was unfortunate that that happened at the football game and historically our basketball games have been a lot less low key but we want to prepare for the worse," Lieutenant John Galicia, of the UNR Police Department, said.

Galicia said the amount of officers fluctuates but they are adding an additional four patrol cars for this game.

"Ten officers plus an additional patrol element as well," he said.

Both presidents of the universities coming together in a video on Twitter promoting sportsmanship.

The video said in part, "
"as we celebrate the excellence of our student athletes, lets show the sportsmanship that reflects our great institutions."

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