Hidden Valley street left muddy after flash flood

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -- It only took minutes, Wednesday night, for a flash flood to inundate a Hidden Valley neighborhood. A thunderstorm set up on top of the mountains above the community and let loose enough rain to strip soil off the mountainside and overflow a culvert.

"This is extreme. This is extreme," said Noland Clopp as he surveyed the damage around his home. "We are going to have to have a lot of help (cleaning it up). I can't do it."

Between 5 and 6pm Wednesday the drainage ditch behind the Clopp home turned into a torrent of mud. Once everything settled, some areas of his landscape were covered by a foot and a half to two feet of mud.

"I can't believe it happened to me," said Clopp.

"It is going to take a while to clean up all the mud," said Gail Clopp, Noland’s wife.

Gail says this happened to them once before, but only inches of mud were left, not feet.

"Quite a bit worse this time, yes," said Gail.

On the street in front of their house Thursday, public works crews were doing their best to clean up the mess.

"We want to get those ditches back open and clear so if we get another thunderstorm today, tomorrow or the next day, we always want that system to be ready to handle any of these storm events," said Eric Crump with Washoe County.

Crump says the ditch performed as expected, but it is not designed to handle such a large volume of water in such a short amount of time.

"We've been chasing a lot of thunderstorms and our storm drain system is not designed to handle that type of storm," said Crump.