Hearing begins for Nevada cell phone search bill

Published: Mar. 1, 2019 at 10:18 AM PST
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Amendments have been suggested to the bill that would allow police to check drivers' phones after crashes to see if each driver had been on the phone before the crash.

1- Serious injury or fatal accidents only

2- Remove implied consent provision that makes it mandatory for drivers to turn over phone for scan

3- Gives driver option to refuse and police to then obtain warrant

4- Remove automatic license suspension for motorist’s refusal


Lawmakers have expressed concern over a Nevada bill (

) that would give police the ability to check a driver's cell phone following a traffic crash.

Lawmakers raised those concerns before a hearing on the bill, which began Friday morning. Bill sponsor Assemblywoman Michelle Gorelow says the legislation's intent is to allow the field testing of a driver's cell phone in crashes with serious injury or death.

Assemblyman Tom Roberts says distracted driving is a problem in the state, but he sees some legal challenges with the legislation.

The former Las Vegas Metro police officer says he believes people have an expectation of phone privacy. Some lawmakers have raised concerns the legislation would violate the Fourth Amendment.

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