Healthy Nevada Project expands to 40,000 more people

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - The Healthy Nevada Project launched in September of 2016 and has already helped 10,000 people understand more about their past and genetic pre-dispositions. Now in phase two, the project has expanded to an additional 40,000 people.

The goal is to help people understand their bodies and ancestors better while improving statewide health.

“I didn’t know my dad, I didn’t know if his side of the family was pre- disposed to, you know, heart diseases for example, or specific types of cancer, or things. I can make sure I am being proactive," said Jacob McDermott, Nevada resident.

For many, the test is a chance to prepare for illnesses they aren’t aware of and act on prevention and care.

“If we can understand what puts people at risk for illness and disease, we actually may be able to help them live healthier by changing their behavior and modifying the things they do and the way they live life," said Anthony Slonim, President and CEO of Renown Health.