Have a Heart: Paul

courtesy Sarah Johns
courtesy Sarah Johns(KOLO)
Published: Jan. 20, 2016 at 6:24 PM PST
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“You want to race me? Alright, let's go!”

Paul is all boy. He loves to play outside, which is why during this cold winter, Jump Man Jump Indoor Playground was a great place to meet.

And get smoked by a kiddo. Not surprising, since Paul is very active. He likes “basketball, football, baseball, um, tennis.”

Paul loves superheroes. And has every superhero action figure. His favorite? The Hulk.

“Because he's big, he's bigger than the other superheroes, and he's stronger than the other superheroes.”

Sarah: “What does it take to be strong?”

Paul: “Eating a lot of vegetables and working out.”

Don’t worry. Paul already likes carrots. And wants to go to college so he can one day be the City of Reno’s superhero. “I want to be a police officer.”

Right now, Paul’s favorite subject in school is math. He says, “if you wanted to be in college and you, you have to do a lot of like math 'n' stuff before you get a job.”

He hopes to be adopted by a family who supports his dreams. He says, “I don't wanna have to keep on moving to families.”

Sarah: “Have you done that a lot so far?”

Paul: “Yeah. A lot.”

Sarah: “How many times?”

Paul: “I don't know. Since I was born.”

Paul does have a biological sister in town, and it’s important his forever family maintains their relationship. He doesn’t care if there are other kids in his adoptive family. But Paul definitely wants a pet. “I want, like, a guard dog. A guard dog.”

And when it comes to his forever parents, the only way he can describe his needs: “Give me lots of good care… Hugging me.”

Sarah: “You like hugs?”

Paul: “Yeah. I'm pretty good at hugs.”