Have a Heart: Meet Rebecca and Roland

Published: May. 3, 2019 at 6:04 AM PDT
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As soon as the door opens at Picasso & Wine on Vassar Street, two little tykes burst in, full of energy. Those kids are 6-year-old Rebecca and 5-year-old Roland, a brother and sister who have been in the foster care system for the majority of their lives.

But you'd never know. Spend even a minute with the two of them and you'll certainly feel love. Their caseworker, Josh Cruz, has known them for the past three years and has seen them through some of the most pivotal times of their lives.

"They're more outgoing now," he said. "Roland has done very well with his school. He loves the solar system."

Roland may seem shy at first, but once he gets to know you, there's no holding back.

"He'll just talk your ear off," Cruz said. "He's very proud of how he's doing in school, so he talks a lot about what he's learning and he loves to share information with you."

Rebecca is caring and full of love and energy, but sometimes those can get the best of her. Cruz says Rebecca has really big emotions that sometimes she struggles to deal with. So she's working with therapists, and whomever adopts her will have to help continue with that work.

Both need a family that can put the focus on them, but it's very important that the siblings stay together.

"They just love each other so much," Cruz says. "They are very affectionate with one another. Roland looks out for Rebecca sometimes and they just do very well together, and I think if they were to be separated it would be devastating to them."

Rebecca wants a mom who will paint her nails. Roland wants a family that makes good snacks. Cruz believes the ideal family is one that can have a stay-at-home parent and can put their full attention on them. Also a lot of patience, nurturing, and guidance will be needed, along with reassurance that they're loved and cared about.

"I think they just want to be part of a family," Cruz said.

Adopting two kids at once is a lot, but whomever opens their heart to Rebecca and Roland will get that love back tenfold.

"They just mainly want to feel loved and they have a lot of love to share," Cruz says. "And I think they want that reciprocated and that could bring them emotional security. They're just wonderful kids. I care a lot about them and so I hope to find them a home."

To adopt Rebecca and Roland,

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