Have a Heart: Meet Pete

Published: Jul. 5, 2019 at 6:08 AM PDT
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Twelve-year-old Pete is described as fun, intelligent and a bit of a prankster. But his big heart is enough to melt yours. If you spend five minutes with this young man, you'll be blown away by his strength physically and mentally.

"Since I turned 12 I've been feeling more confident and more self-controlling [sic] over myself," he said.

A lot of that confidence has come from his interest in working out and getting stronger. He says he wants to be able to stand up for those who can't defend themselves.

"Because I don't like when people are being bullied or how they get picked on and stuff. I don't really like it."

He has a sweet nature, something his foster mom Theresa Stocking says makes any house feel like a home.

"He's always so smiley," she said. "He's kind, he likes to help. He's adventurous and inquisitive and he has lots of love to share."

While Pete loves his foster parents, he says he is ready to have a permanent home.

"My perfect dad would be like, he likes to go fishing, hunting, hiking and likes to go on lots of road trips."

His perfect mom would be waiting for him when he gets home from school. Better yet, she would be willing to home school him, since Pete is not a fan of traditional schooling. But he does love to learn.

He's also wise beyond his years, a lot of that due to his time in foster care.

"He sees the downside of being a foster child and how hard it is for them and he wants to help," Stocking said.

Pete says he wants to be a caseworker for foster kids when he grows up. He already is working on advice.

"If you have any trouble out there, let the trouble flow over you; just don't let the trouble get to you."

He may want to help kids in the future, but for now Pete says he'd like to be an only child since he has spent so much of his childhood sharing attention from foster parents.

But don't be afraid to put him to work.

"I would literally help with anything like dishes, chores, vacuuming, and also I would help with laundry," Pete said. "I really want to be a nice and helpful kid."

If you'd like to learn more about Pete, please contact Tawnya Robertson at (775) 785-8659 or

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