Have a Heart: Meet Isaac, Giselle, and Bella

Published: Aug. 2, 2019 at 6:27 AM PDT
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At Plumas Park in the old southwest, three toddlers are having the time of their life. Four-year-old Isaac is your typical boy. He has a scraped knee, backwards baseball hat, and climbs on everything around him. Three-year-old Giselle is the shy one. It takes a while for her to open up, and 'no' may be her favorite word right now. As for two-year-old Bella, well, she's described as the sassiest of the three.

But together they make up a trio of toddlers who will melt your heart instantly.

"They’re just the sweetest kids," Alexandra Clark, the siblings' case worker said. "They’re so loving. They’ve really bonded as a sibling group. Just how much they want snuggles, how funny they are, they’re just really great kids."

Great kids that have already been through a lot in their short lives.

"They’ve experienced quite a bit of trauma especially considering how young they are," Clark said. "And so I think they’ve really found that solace in each other and that bond is really important to them."

That's why it's so important for the siblings to stay together. It's a lot to ask anyone to take on three toddlers, but Isaac loves helping his sisters.

"Always wants to check on people, make sure they are okay, and so it would just be wonderful to find a family that would want to do that for him in return," Clark said.

Their current foster mom is also willing to work with any family to help keep their routine as normal as possible.

The children don't ask for much, just to stay together, and to have a family that won't give up on them again.

"Just someone who is dedicated," Clark said. "Someone who can put the time and energy into, making them feel comfortable and feel safe. That security is just really important to them."

If you are interested in adopting Isaac, Giselle, and Bella, contact Tawnya Robertson at

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