Have a Heart: Joe, Tala and Izzy

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WASHOE COUNTY, Nev. (KOLO) They are active. They love playing outdoor sports. And they look forward to being adopted. Ten-year old Joe, 8-year-old Tala and 7-year-old Izzy love getting out their energy at Jump 'n' Shout in southwest Reno. They all hope their forever family has a place where they can do the same.

Courtesy: Kim Schweickert. For more information on adoption, call Washoe County Social services at 337-4470.

Tala: "Have a big yard."
Izzy: "A big backyard and frontyard."
Joe: "Have a giant backyard and play catch with me. And it'd have to be flat since we're going to have a practice catching/throwing thing."

Joe has a newfound love for America's passtime. He joined a team last month, and is excelling.

"Mostly pitching. I go pipper, soft pitches or curves," he says. "My two sisters love to play soccer."

Tala: "Basketball, soccer, kickball."
Izzy: "Play soccer and play with my friends."
Joe: "We love to play sports."

So obviously, these kids need an active family. And all of them are excited about being adopted.

Tala said it best.
Sarah: "Do you want a new mom and dad?"
Tala: "Yes! Like a lot. A lot."
Sarah: "What do you want your mom to be like?"
Tala: "A safe mom."
Sarah: "A safe mom. What does that mean?"
Tala: "Like keep me safe."

They already have a strong sense of family from their sibling bond. Izzi says family is about, "Being nice, and being kind. And being... care. And sharing. And taking turns."

And they all like school. Tala's favorite subjects are math and science. Izzy's are math, music and computers. And Joe loves to read. His favorite book is Because of Winn-Dixie about how a dog's bond helps a ten year old girl release sadness after her mom abandoned her.

Joe: "Yeah. I want ten dogs. TWELVE cats."
Tala: "A lot of dogs."
Sarah: "A lot of dogs. What about cats?"
Tala: "Maybe five."
Izzy: "Lots of cats, and lots of dogs."

Joe explains practically, "If I have more cats, the less mice I have."