Have a Heart: Hannah, Savanna and Zach

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WASHOE COUNTY, Nev. (KOLO) We met 12-year old Hannah, ten-year-old Savanna and eight-year-old Zach at Idlewild Park on their first day of summer break. While you'd think these kids would be excited to be out of school, that's not really the case.

For more information on adopting Hannah, Savanna and Zach call Washoe County Social Services at (775) 337-4470

Because, Hannah says, "You get to hang out with your friends (in school), and it's a good opportunity that many kids don't get."

In fact, on the morning of our interview, Savanna did her own homework. She says she does the extra math in her workbook, "so next year I know what I'm capable of."

Both girls love reading. Savanna is reading Judy Blume. Hannah loves fantasy and the Molly Moon book series about an orphan who time-travels.

Sarah: "If you could travel anywhere in time, would you travel to the past or to the future?"
Hannah: "The future."
Sarah: "What does your future look like?"
Hannah: "Um, I don't know, I'd be with a good family my siblings, they'd be in a good place... That's what I'd see in my future."

The children definitely have a vision of what a good family is.

Hannah: "Someone that can meet our needs, someone that is caring, take us as their own."
Savanna: "Like feed us real food, and um give us showers and a roof over our head."
Zach: "They'll take care of us. Like they'll give us attention. Not just to other kids and make them spoiled. And so they would take care of us, too."

These three crave a nurturing mom. Hannah describes someone who understands 'girl stuff.' "She'd be like caring and I'd be able to talk to her and she would actually listen," she says.

Zach says she would be, "really nice. And not drinking."

For Savanna, it's something so simple. "Say 'I love you, goodnight' before you go to bed," she says. "Or in general."

Hannah wishes for a dad who can be there for Zach. "He'd be like a good role model for my little brother. Cuz my past dad? He wasn't a very good role model for my little brother."

Zach describes someone much the same, "Really nice, and not go to jail. And they won't be mean. And he won't be mean to us."

If you are interested in adopting Hannah, Savanna and Zach call Washoe County Social Services at (775) 337-4470.