Have a Heart: Gavin

Published: Feb. 18, 2016 at 3:47 PM PST
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He’s already been adopted once, only to have his guardian pass away. Twelve-year-old Gavin knows he’s special, and he’s just looking for the special family to welcome him home.

"I was at the Kids Kottage and I moved to a foster home. Then I got adopted."

Gavin’s life has had its fair share of hardships. After being adopted by his grandma, she died at the age of 62.

Sarah: "Do you have an idea of what your forever mom or forever dad would be like?"

Gavin: "Like, rich."

Gavin says he lived in poverty early on in life, "It's really, really uncomfortable because it's like, if we don't have any money so that we can buy food, and without food we're all going to starve to death."

Gavin has good manners and respects adults. And he describes himself as special because, "I have slightly a bit of autism... I think differently than others."

Sarah: "Look at you. Is that you pushing it towards me?"

Gavin: "Yeah. Look at my focus."

Putting our brains to the test, his squashed mine. "The ball is in the middle. If you're like player two, you have to get the ball on player one's side."

Sarah: "You've got a lot of brain power, then, kid because I've got a lot of brain power."

Gavin: "Well, I bet you I've got a gigantic brain."

And maybe a little bit more experience in gaming. He loves playing computer games and Playstation. His favorite PS3 game is

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.

"I either want to be a video game designer, that like designs video games,” and because Gavin loves robotics his other option, “Or I want to be a mechanic."

He also enjoys football, soccer, boxing and basketball.

"I do want someone who'd like to play (basketball) with me."

That is if they’re not too good a player, "Unless they're very good, like Shaq that can like dunk it and break the glass or something like that.

Bend the whole hoop thing."