Have a Heart: Estrella, Sofia, Luis and Andrea

Published: Apr. 21, 2016 at 11:26 AM PDT
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Idlewild Park provided the perfect spot to meet these four energetic siblings: Andrea, Luis, Sofia and Estrella. These four are very close, and understand the importance of family. Especially Estrella, who has taken on the protective role.

"(I) get the diaper and the wipies when they I need to get them. And to sometimes get paper to clean Andrea," she said, and nodded when asked if she takes care of her siblings.

But when you ask any of the children about parents, all they can do is shrug.

The four have made their own unit of little survivors. Estrella is thoughtful and considerate. Sofia is sweet and outgoing. Luis is the happy boy, and Andrea has a beautiful smile.

Aside from loving to play outside, the two older girls share a common joy. Playing with Barbies.

Luis? Not so much. He'd rather play with cars.

Sofia, who is the middle child, also enjoys playing with cars.

When it comes to sports, Luis likes soccer. His favorite soccer team is San Jose.

Estrella prefers running. In fact, when asked what she wants to do when she grows up she says, "I want to run fast on the track."

Sofia, on the other hand, does not like sports.

When it comes to finding these four their forever family, they have two specific needs. They cannot be split up. And quieren padres bilingues. They want bilingual parents.