Have a Heart: Daniel

Published: Mar. 16, 2016 at 6:47 PM PDT
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He's a darling boy, looking for stability in his life. Five-year-old Daniel is a spitfire. All boy. Rowdy and raucous.

He's thriving in his new foster home. Prior to moving into his current home, Daniel would only eat chicken nuggets or mac and cheese. After being introduced to new foods, he will now try anything. This boy loves to eat.

He also loves to play outside and go swimming. And Daniel just started playing soccer.

Daniel: "Kick the ball."

Sarah: "And where do you have to kick the ball? Is there a certain direction, or are you aiming for something?"

Daniel: "Aiming. For the goal!"

When asked more about his new team, like what is his uniform color, Daniel


have gotten a little help from the peanut gallery.

Daniel: Blue.

Sarah: Blue?

Daniel: Mmmmm hmmm. Starts giggling

Sarah: Are you getting some help with these answers. Daniel: Nope. When asked about pets, Daniel says he likes dogs and cats. As far as his future, he wants to be a firefighter when he grows up. He says, "Because of their truck." Daniel does hope there are other, younger, kids in his forever home so he can be the oldest brother. More than anything, Daniel is deserving of a forever family. And he wants one to love him forever. Especially if they like... Daniel: Hugging. Sarah: You want someone to hug you? Daniel: Yeah.

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