Have a Heart: Christina

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - "I just love baseball."

12-year-old Christina is looking for a family to adopt her. Former MLB outfielder Chris Aguila helped teach her some baseball skills at his Reno, Nev. business Nevada Baseball Factory.

Christina is proving her muster already in life – breaking barriers on her Little League team.

"There's two girls. And the rest are boys."

She just tried out and earned a spot on the team of the Braves.

"The coaches asked 'are you sure you don't want to play softball? I'm like 'I'm sure," she says.

When asked what she thinks about people saying ‘softball is for girls, and baseball is for boys,’ Christina says “That’s not true.” She believes “girls can play whatever they want… Girls could do anything if they try their best.”

And the afternoon we met, she got one-on-one tips from former Major League Baseball outfielder Chris Aguila who owns Nevada Baseball Factory.

Christina is hoping for a forever family who will foster her love for baseball.

"That would be cool,” she says. “If I had a dad who would teach me all the things in baseball.”

And for a forever mom, she has just one request: “That’s always there for me.”

She doesn’t care whether there are other siblings in her forever family.

"I want a caring and loving family."

But she does hope for some guidance in navigating life as a tween.

Sarah: "What's sixth grade like?"
Christina: "Drama. ... Well it's usually like about boys. And then it turns into like (rolls her eyes) weird."

Christina gets As and Bs in school. Loves reading and math. And one day, hopes to be a veterinarian.

"I love helping dogs and cats,” she says. “And I love helping animals. So something in my heart just made me want to help them and be a veterinarian.”

Christina does hope to have a dog or two, “"I like big dogs. I don't like little dogs. They're too small.”

And, ultimately, just wants a family to hit it out of the park.

For more information on adopting Christina, or adoption in general, call Washoe County Social Services at (775) 337-4470.