Have a Heart: Bryn

Published: Jul. 13, 2016 at 7:05 PM PDT
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Music fills a house wherever 15-year-old Bryn lives.

"I think for me, music has always just been an escape," she says.

Bryn has been playing the piano since she was a young child, and writes her own songs. She says they are joys she turns to when needing to find an outlet. "Just finding things that make me happy including my music and journaling through my music has helped me a lot."

Bryn has overcome quite a bit in her 15 years. Put into the system at two, moved into a home at six, and adopted by that household at eight. Then, returned to the system this year.

"As I've grown older I've come to understand more, and I've come to terms with things a little more so it affects me but I don't let it affect me as much as it did."

She sings lyrics penned in a wire-bound journal, "Stand up stand up for yourself. Stand up stand up for someone else.'"

Bryn aspires to one day be a child-advocacy lawyer.

"Because I feel like a lot of kids in the system, like I've said, they don't have the voice they don't know how to stand up for what they want and what they believe in."

She's good in school. Excelling in, of course, writing. Applying for, and being accepted into Honors English. Math? Well, maybe that's something a parent could help her with.

"I'd like to officially be a part of a family, I guess you could say."

While her caseworker is looking for a father and mother to adopt Bryn, Bryn doesn't really require any clear-cut qualities for her new adoptive family.

"I think I do need a little more structure, because when I'm not structured I tend to get into trouble. And I'd rather stay out of trouble. But I don't really think there's anything specific that I'm looking for honestly."

"... Stand up and finally find your wings."

Washoe County Social Services 337-4470

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