Have A Heart: Christian

Published: Sep. 21, 2016 at 6:14 PM PDT
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Christian and I spent an afternoon at The Baked Bear in Sparks. We talked over customized ice cream sandwiches.

Christian is definitely an insightful boy, who wants to be involved in his adoption. In fact, he provided a list of wants at our meeting which includes: staying in touch with his two siblings in Alaska. He wants an affectionate family. He loves hugs because they make him feel, “that I love them. And they love me.”

And he wants to share a room with other kids, “because I don’t want to be alone.”

We initially talked about what he wants to be when he grows up. His first answer, a police officer.

“The good guys are cops,” he says. “Because we could arrest (the bad guys.)”

But then, we started talking sports.

"I want to play baseball someday,” Christian admits. “I want to be a baseball player the most."

Christian hopes his family gets him involved in organized sports, because while he’s played baseball games in backyard parties – he’s never been on a team.

And his dream for a forever mom?

"I want her to be a sports mom,” Christian says. “I want her at my games because I want her to watch."

It’s a little tougher for Christian to say what he wants in a forever dad. While Christian knows what a ‘good guy’ is, it’s tougher for him to define a ‘good man.’

"I don't know. What a man is like."

This good student does hope for a parent to help him with his homework, "because sometimes homework is hard."

More than anything, Christian says he hopes for a family to help him learn to trust that adults will stay.

For more information on adopting Christian, call Washoe County Social Services at (775) 337-4470.

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