Harrah's may take over city ice rink operations

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) The Reno Recreation & Parks Commission is unanimously recommending that Harrah's take over operations for the city's seasonal ice rink.

The rink was originally located in City Plaza but had to be moved due to construction of the Virginia Street Bridge. Three years ago the Reno Aces stepped in to take over and operate the rink. The Aces have been renting a chiller and a Zamboni from the city for $1 per year. The city says the Aces are no longer able to continue to operate the rink.

In 2018 city council suggested auctioning off the two items "as is" because there was no room in the budget for an ice rink.

Now, Harrah's Reno is stepping up to take over operations.

"What we're looking to do is do an agreement with Harrah's Casino so that they would be able to use our existing ice rink equipment to put a seasonal ice rink out on the plaza at Harrah's," Jaime Schroeder, Interim Director of Parks, Recreation & Community Services with the City of Reno, says.

The agreement would allow for Harrah's to rent the equipment for $1 per year and it would also need to rent a portable ice rink system from a private company, just as the Aces did.

"When we looked at moving it back to city plaza the underground coils that make that ice had been compromised and so we don't have the ability to make ice and so in October of 2018 is when city council said that we should dispose of that ice rink equipment because we do not have the funds to build a new ice rink," Schroeder says.

Schroeder says the goal is to present the agreement before Reno City Council in September or October.

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