Hard freeze has The Reno Gleaning Project working hard

RENO, NV (KOLO) A group of about 12 volunteers put the “G” in giving one afternoon in southwest Reno.

From Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, they followed Pamela Mayne from the Reno Gleaning Project to one home to pick, sort, count and pack ripe apples.

The homeowners say they couldn't keep up the tree's produce.

This group project gets the team together to work in unison and do some good.

“We are SWAG and that stands for Selling, Winning, Asking, Giving,” says Vanessa Walton, Pfizer District Manager. “And Giving is giving back so, this fits right in line with what we try to do,” she says.

Mayne has this apple gathering down to a science.

Her empty crates of various sizes helps hold the apples and allows her to collect the maximum.

The filled crates are brought to the Community Health Alliance where the volunteers get to see firsthand where all their hard work ends up.

The food helps low income patients subsidize family meals.

The apples are an added treat--especially for families who can't afford or have access to produce.

”They comment on how delicious it is,” says Sierra Kelly, Wellness and Nutrition Coordinator with the Community Health Alliance. “How crisp it is compared to fruit that they have been eating out of a can. But mostly just joy and gratitude,” she says of the clients who receive the apples.

The group leaves here a little tired, but energized at the same time.

Who knew picking apples would be such a high-minded task.