Growler Guys keeps business flowing during pandemic

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) Growler Guys Craft Brewery in South Reno is getting creative to make sure it can continue to keep its doors open during the COVID-19 Pandemic. They also are keeping every single one of their employees during this time.

"We've kept everybody on staff which I'm super grateful for because I do the scheduling and I don't want to lose anybody during this time," Jenny Wall, assistant manager, said.

Wall said they even hired a couple more people like Lisa Manss who used to work in the beauty industry.

"At the time I had already applied here for a second income and I got hired and instead of having it as a second income, now it's my only income," Manss said.

Growler Guys has had to scale back hours but they're pouring out creativity to keep business flowing.

"They're probably taking a huge hit by having us employed, they're still keeping their doors open and keeping us employed so that's great," Manss said.

From April 3 through April 5, the Growler Guys is giving customers a free pizza with the purchase of two crowlers. You can order online or in person. They will bring your order to your car or deliver.

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