Group rallies to end illegal dumping in Dayton

Published: Jul. 14, 2018 at 3:30 PM PDT
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The local group known as the

gathers every Saturday morning to remove trash from the desert.

"We are liberating the desert from this illegal dump that's been going on here for years," Phil Wooley, founder of the group, says.

Wooley says it all began with a Facebook post complaining about a couch that had been illegally dumped. Five weeks later the group has grown immensely. The Lyon County Sheriff's Office stepped up to help too.

"This blew up," Wooley says. "I didn't imagine all the support I'm getting and it's very humbling and kind of cool."

Wooley's daughter, Ellee, is helping out alongside her father to clean up the mess.

"I love that world to be clean because it helps our ecosystem," she says.

Those who live there say their goal is to stop illegal dumping altogether.

"We're taking different times and watching and we'll get your numbers sooner or later if you come out here and dump," Daphne Polos, a resident, says.

The Lyon County Sheriff's Office says they'll be cracking down on illegal dumping in the area as well, and plan to continue to help with the Saturday cleanups.

"I'm hoping that once people see what it takes for us to clean up all this, they'll stop," Annette Gatlin, another resident, says.

The group has a

page for donations to help pay for the dumping fees.