Grandma Hattie's Restaurant closes in Carson City

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CARSON CITY, Nev. (KOLO) - Grandma Hattie's Restaurant in Carson City served its last meal Wednesday afternoon. It was a day owner John Hurzel knew would be a tough one.

"Today is a very emotional day," says Hurzel. "A lot of my long-term customers and friends and former employees have come in to say goodbye and have their last meal and just basically pay their respects to how long we've been here. The building and property have been sold and so this is our last official day of business to serve the public."

The restaurant opened at its location on South Carson Street in 1986. It has been a go-to place for a lot of local families over the years.

"I have customers now who came in here as toddlers with their parents and now they're bringing in their kids," says Hurzel. "And that's a fun thing to see because you've seen this whole generation grow up with you and grow up in the town."

The restaurant is also a known sight to people who don't live in Carson City. For years, before the I-580 bypass was built, just about everyone who drove from Reno to South Lake Tahoe passed it.

Hurzel says the building was sold in March, but the new owners asked if he could keep the restaurant open a little longer. Longtime customers are glad he did.

"Well, it's a big loss for a lot of us because we're all family," says Carol Tullis, a regular who says she'd been coming to the restaurant since it was originally named Scotty's.

"I was driving down here and I got tears in my eyes," says Patsy Newton, another longtime customer. "Really sad."

Even though the restaurant's large sign on South Carson Street will be coming down soon, the restaurant and the people who worked there have left an impression on the city.

"I want to thank them for all the good years they gave here," says Jim Russ, a longtime customer who moved away but came back for a visit. "They did good for the community."