Governor signs 16 bills as Legislative session inches toward close

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval

CARSON CITY, Nev. (KOLO) - Governor Brian Sandoval signed 16 pieces of legislation into law Monday morning as the Legislature began its final day of the 79th Legislative Session. Included in these bills are measures that will increase the outreach of the Office of Minority Health, provide professional development opportunities for educators and help increase access to behavioral and mental health services.

Assembly Bill 327 was sponsored by Assemblyman William McCurdy and authorizes a person who is dishonorably discharged from probation to apply to the court for record sealing and reduces the amount of time a person must wait before petitioning for record sealing.

Assembly Bill 141 was sponsored by Assemblyman Tyrone Thompson and expands the functions of the Office of Minority Health housed within the Department of Health and Human Services. The measure also changes the definition of “minority group” to include more communities.

Senate Bill 360, sponsored by Senator Nicole Cannizzaro establishes the “Wards’ Bill of Rights” and increases penalties for crimes against elderly and vulnerable individuals.

Senate Bill 369, brought forward by Senator Aaron Ford, requires the Clark County School District to establish professional development programs to train teachers and principals to better engage collaboratively with families. This will help ensure schools are focused on positive outcomes for students.

Senate Bill 415 proposes a question to the voters regarding whether feminine hygiene products should be exempt from sales and use tax, also known as the “pink tax.” This measure will be on the ballot in the 2018 general election.

Senate Bill 398 was sponsored by Senator Ben Kieckhefer and recognizes blockchain technology as a type of electronic record. Blockchain is an innovative technology that provides transparent, unchangeable, record-keeping that can be assigned to individuals.

Senate Bill 65 was a recommendation from the Governor’s New Energy Industry Task Force. This measure opens the tri-annual Integrated Resource Plan meeting between certain utilities and the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada to the public. This bill also requires the PUCN give preference to resources that have greatest economic benefit, environmental benefit and opportunity for job creation.

Senate Bill 162, sponsored by Senator Heidi Gansert, provides for registration and certification of mental health professional assistants, including psychological assistants, psychological interns, and psychological trainees. This will increase access to behavioral and mental health services and expand the pipeline of providers.

The Governor signed the following bills into law:
Assembly Bill 83 Senate Bill 260 Senate Bill 25 Senate Bill 415
Assembly Bill 141 Senate Bill 360 Senate Bill 65 Senate Bill 433
Assembly Bill 150 Senate Bill 369 Senate Bill 84 Assembly Bill 327
Assembly Bill 296 Senate Bill 407 Senate Bill 162 Senate Bill 398

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