Governor Sisolak's first Halloween at the mansion in Carson City

Published: Oct. 31, 2019 at 3:17 PM PDT
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I asked the governor if he knew after being elected, this would be part of the gig.

Decorating the Governor’s Mansion in Carson City and handing out candy is just something Nevada governors do.

“I was aware it was a little part of the gig,” Governor Sisolak replied. “I didn't know it was this big of a deal but neighbors told us how incredible it was and we are really excited about it,” he said.

On a cold morning in Carson City, a couple of day before the big event, the governor and his wife took me around the historic mansion on North Mountain Street.

For one week prior to Halloween, building and grounds, volunteers and inmates turn this Classic Revival home into Classic Haunted Mansion

“I have to admit the first time I saw it from the inside it scared me,” the governor says as he points up to the second floor of the mansion. “I thought there was somebody out there on the balcony,” he says of a mannequin with white face and sunken eyes.

Kathy Sisolak says she approved the initial designs of skeletons, headstones, and characters which fill the front of the home.

She says she hopes to meet expectations and accommodate everyone who stops by Halloween night.

“We will have some music, some dancers,” says Nevada’s First Lady. “And so there will be a lot going on. They are also handing out toothbrushes,” she says.

“With all the candy,” adds the governor.

He takes me down to the candy vault to show me they are prepared.

“You see it like this, there's a lot of stuff. I mean there's a lot of candy here. Every kind of candy you can imagine. It is here,” he says as he holds up a blue plastic bucket.

In all, 1,000 pounds of donated candy.

The “good stuff” the governor says.

And while this is the stuff of a Nevada governor, he says he may very well be the only governor in the country tasked with such a responsibility.

“I've got some tough things,” he says.

“This is not one of them. This is something we really enjoy.”