KOLO posts entire Laxalt interview along with responses

Published: Jun. 15, 2018 at 9:24 AM PDT
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Republican candidate for governor Adam Laxalt is clarifying comments he made in an interview that seemed to indicate he would look into proposing a change to Nevada's voter-approved law protecting a right to an abortion.

Laxalt's campaign said in a statement Thursday that he "has zero interest in 'undoing' the 1990 law in question."

, "We're going to look into it," when he was asked if he would propose a referendum for voters to consider changing Nevada's abortion law.

The Nevada Democratic party said in a statement that Laxalt wanted to roll back access to abortion and called him "extreme."

Laxalt campaign manager Kristin Davison says Laxalt's statement was taken out of context about what Laxalt meant.

His opponent, Democrat Steve Sisolak, has said he doesn't support restrictions on abortion.

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Tweet from NVDems and Response Tweet from Laxalt Spokesperson Kristin Davison:


"WATCH:  told  he would "look into" undoing an NV law that protects women's right to choose. NV women don't need a radical like Laxalt pushing his fringe agenda on them."

"100% wrong.  said he'd look into question the reporter shouted over loud, cheering crowd. He is absolutely NOT looking into undoing & never said he was. He is running on education, economy, & keeping state safe. Nice try, though."

(See attached video of KOLO interview with Laxalt)

Statement from Nevada Democratic Party:

“Adam Laxalt just erased any possible doubt of his ultimate goal -- taking away Nevada women’s right to make their own health care decisions. Laxalt is so extreme and out of touch that he would undo current law to replace it with his right-wing, anti-choice views. The last thing Nevada women need is a radical in the governor’s mansion, pushing a fringe agenda to strip them of their reproductive rights.” 


Statement from Laxalt Campaign:


“This is a totally false characterization of Laxalt’s statement, which was taken out of context. Since Democrats can’t get the facts straight, here is the bottom line: Adam Laxalt has zero interest in “undoing” the 1990 law in question. None.
This is clearly an attempt to distract from Steve Sisolak’s extreme view that there should be zero limits on abortion and taxpayer funding for abortion providers. We have no interest in his extremist culture war. Adam Laxalt is focused on improving education, creating more prosperity, and protecting Nevada.”