Gov. Sandoval approves money for flooding, vetoes minimum wage

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval
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CARSON CITY, Nev. (KOLO) - Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval has signed 70 bills and vetoed seven, the governor’s office announced Thursday night.

Bills Sandoval vetoed included a proposal to raise Nevada’s minimum wage 75 cents a year until minimum wage is $12 an hour or more (SB106); a bill requiring at least at least two people in a locomotive crew (SB705), a bill banning private prisons in Nevada (AB303); a bill establishing sex education curriculum (AB348); and a bill to outlaw surprise hospital bills (AB382).

Sandoval called the attempt to raise minimum wage commendable, but said it would impose too hard of a burden on businesses trying to recover from economic downturn.

Sandoval said the hospital cost legislation would disrupt the market and force doctors and hospitals to accept payments too low for their services.

The bill banning private prisons encroaches on the executive branch decision making, the governor wrote.

Sandoval said the new sex education bill would not require a parent to opt in every time a student gets sex ed.

Only California and Wisconsin have two-person crew requirements for locomotives, Sandoval said.

Among the bills he signed is a supplemental appropriations bill for more than $2.4 million to the Division of Emergency Management to pay for emergency responses to major flood events in Washoe, Elko and Douglas counties and Carson City and a bill setting aside more than $350,000 to cover the costs associated with the Division of Emergency Management establishing a joint field office to work with the Federal Emergency Management Agency during the 2017 floods.

He also signed AB511, which provides $20 million to provide Millennium Scholarship for Nevada students.

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