Galena murder trial nears end

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RENO, NV (KOLO) The trial of three men accused of murder at a party in the Galena area.. in June 2018 is nearing an end.

The defendants -- Quentin Moore, Jamil Geronimo and Tyler Hernandez are accused of shooting and killing Paul Dobbins and wounding another man last June...

The final testimony on Tuesday found sheriff's personnel on the witness stand and focused on the timeline of texts and calls from the phone records of a key witness.

Little was made by either side of those records but Wednesday we're likely to hear how they fit within two very different stories about what led up to that fatal encounter in June of 2018.

This much both will likely agree upon: that there was bad blood between the victim--Paul Dobbins and the accused, especially Quentin Moore in the days leading up to the incident.

The prosecution contends the three defendants were armed and in a mood to use those weapons that night, pointing to an unrelated shooting at a midtown bar earlier in the evening, an incident which left two bystanders with minor injuries.

And--they will argue--when the two groups met by chance at a party in a residential area in a Galena residential neighborhood later--a party they'd learned about from one of three girls they'd picked up who heard about it on social media, it was the defendants who fired first--killing Dobbins and wounding another man.

The defense will argue the incident was in fact an ambush, that the defendants were lured to the party by one of the three girls they picked up--the one who said she heard about it on Snapchat.

Once the two groups met matters escalated and the defendants-- they will say-- fired in self defense.

Final arguments start at 11 Wednesday morning. Judge Scott Freeman indicated he was determined to power through the day.