Friends In Service Helping asking for community donations

CARSON CITY, Nev. (KOLO) The COVID-19 Pandemic has put Friends In Service Helping, a local non-profit that provides social services for those in need, into a compromising position.

"Most of the community doesn't realize the bind that we're in. We're an essential service so we're providing that service but all the ways that we raise money are non-essential," Jim Peckham, the executive director, said.

Governor Steve Sisolak ordered the closure of all non-essential businesses in the Nevada. FISH can remain open but its thrift store, which was a source of income, is now closed. Also, its two major fundraisers have now been canceled because of the coronavirus.

"We plan for things to go wrong, we just didn't plan for this where we've got to have more money and more food and all of our revenue sources disappear," he said.

Peckham said since the closures, they've served 50 percent more people than usual.

He said they need the community's help to keep going. FISH is asking for monetary donations but will also take food donations as well.

"We buy in bulk so if someone is going to spend $100 we can get more food than they can because we're getting it by the pallet," he said.

You can donate to FISH by clicking here.

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