Found after Burning Man festival: shoes, cameras, dentures

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RENO, Nev. (AP) - The usual suspects top this year's list of the most frequently lost items in the Nevada desert at the annual Burning Man festival: 582 cellphones, 570 backpacks and 529 IDs.

Still missing are a marching band hat with gold mirror tiles, a furry cheetah vest with orange lining, a headdress with horns and a chainmail loincloth skirt.

As of mid-December, Burning Man's Terry Schoop says they've recovered 2,479 items and returned 1,279. He says they average about a 60 percent return rate.

Other stuff lost but not-yet-found include a wedding ring, a flute, some "fire nun chucks," and Dutch and Australian driver's licenses.

Articles waiting to be claimed on Burning Man's web site include 200 shirts, 100 jackets, 80 hydration backpacks and 50 pairs of eyeglasses.

There's also dozens of sets of keys whose owners probably have good stories to tell.

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