Food truck events thriving, even in record heat

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) Food Truck Friday at Idlewild Park has grown over the past six years

"The food truck revolution is on," said Steve Schroeder of Reno Street Food, organizer of the event. "We've gone from six food trucks every Friday to thirty-five, 70 vendors, so its really grown. People have seen that growth and some have said hey, I've always dreamed of being in this business, lets start a food truck so it's great for our industry."

Crowds are now in the thousands every week despite this summer's heat wave.

The heat affects the first couple of hours," Schroeder said. "So we see more people coming around six in the evening. Also, we've opened up early now-we call it the early bird- so parking is easier and there's no lines for the food trucks if you come earlier in the evening."

He's been working with the trucks to make sure the people that come out to the party in the park stay hydrated.

"We mention, make sure you keep extra water on board when it gets hot, maybe set up a special line for someone to just sell water," Schroeder said. "Some offer specials on water."

The hot weather hasn't been a problem for Carlitos Calle Tacos. They're a Food Truck Friday regular but were spending Thursday afternoon at The Eddy. They see a lot of repeat customers here.

"They're very nice, very pleasant and they like our food," said owner Carlos Huerta. "A lot of people really like this location."

But even with air conditioning, temperatures inside the truck are in the triple digits.

"Inside, we're looking at 120 degrees," Huerta said. "We drink lots of water, maybe two gallons a day."

His truck will be part of the Food Truck Friday lineup August 4.