Flu temporarily closes dog boarding and daycare

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) Even though they have dozen of clients a day, you won't hear much barking at A Doggies Dream Daycare. Instead, the radio and the sounds of spraying and mopping and moving can be heard, as workers deep-clean the facility.

Most of the employees have been laid off, and the facility stopped taking dogs late last week after canine influenza took off.

“So we made the decision to close the doors for a couple of weeks to try to get this under control and try to prevent any spread,” says Jack Owens, owner of A Doggies Dream Daycare

A lover of the Shibainu, like Foxy, he rescues the breed. But those rescues and others that live at the facility have come up sick and are being treated now.

A nurse by trade, Owens says he's heavily researched canine influenza and sought out expertise from his local vet. The virus can live on surfaces for three days, but can be killed by a simple water bleach solution.

It is spread from dog to dog by respiratory secretions that travel in the air. Dogs start to show symptoms within three days. But the dog can spread the disease within 24 hours of exposure. Symptoms include lethargy, dry cough, sneezing, and sometimes a temperature.

Antibiotics are given to prevent a secondary infection. Symptoms can last two to three weeks.

A vaccination is available, but it takes two to three weeks after the second booster to take effect.

“The important thing is not us. It is not how much money we are making as a business owner. It's because we love the dogs. That is what we are here for, it is about your dog."

Owens hopes to open on the 19th of February.

Doggies Dream Day Care opens after flu forces temp closure