Mosquito spraying set in wake of Mason Valley flash flooding

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YERINGTON, Nev. (KOLO)-- 6/22/17 UPDATE:
Due to Wednesday's flash flooding of the east side of Mason Valley, the Mason Valley Mosquito Abatement District is making preparations to use aerial larvicide on the large acreage involved. A “Notice of treatment” will be posted throughout the community, as well as on the Lyon County website and Facebook page.

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Richland Parish flooding update (Courtesy: MGN Online)

According to a Lyon release, "We understand that we will be flying over homes, treating yards, roadways, anywhere there is standing water. it is imperative to get this done before the larva pupate. We can foresee a public health threat emanating from these waters and need to get them treated, before the mosquitoes can hatch. Areas to be surveyed and/or sprayed are from Fox Ln. east, to ORV/CHRIS, From Spence Ln. east to Bonaza, and north to far N. Bybee.

"The materials we will be using are: Altosid Liquid Larvicide, and/or Vectobac 12AS. Both products, at label rates are completely harmless to humans, pets, and everything else but water-borne insects! Outdoor pet water/ food will be unaffected, but give them fresh water, anyway; it’s hot!!"

Application may begin Sunday 6/25 or Monday 6/26 in the early morning hours. application will happen once a week on Mondays, until the water evaporates or there are no more larvae.

Questions and concerns can be discussed with the District Office at 463-6566, Pease leave a message, if no answer.

About 100 to 150 homes are affected by the flash flooding in Mason Valley, according to Lyon County Manager Jeff Page.

Emergency crews are working to identify if anyone need help, but the flash flood has left anywhere from 18 inches to two feet of water in places.

According to Page, the area experiences flash flooding about every 2-3 years, but this is the worst seen in some time. The water is coming from a thunderstorm that hit the Mt. Grant and Bald Mountain ranges Wednesday night.

That storm stopped around 8:45pm June 21, 2017, but it takes time for all the water to drain.


Lyon County Manager Jeff Page reports there is flash flooding in the Bybee Lane area of east Mason Valley, about 10 miles east of Yerington.

The water and debris is coming off the Wassuk mountain range east of Yerington, Page said in a statement.

Lyon County officials ask the public to stay away from the area and reminds them not to drive through flooded roads.