First responders prepare for rib cook off

SPARKS, Nev. (KOLO) The Best in the West Rib Cook Off brings hundreds of thousands of people to Victorian Square. With large crowds and high temperatures, first responders will be ready in case of an emergency.

"We have people that are trained down there on quick response vehicles along with Sparks Fire and Sparks Police to provide immediate medical care," Adam Heinz, of REMSA, says.

Heinz says that with large crowds and high temperatures, everyone needs to keep themselves hydrated.

"We're reminding people to ensure that they're drinking lots of water and sometimes people are enjoying lots of alcoholic beverages because it's cold and it kind of wets out whistle and we think it's hydrating us but that's not the case, so you need to be drinking lots of water," he says.

Heinz says in the event of any type of emergency the best thing you can do is remain calm and call for help.

"First thing is to remain calm and provide any necessary care so a lot of times we see people with heat related illness or dizziness so assisting them to the ground so they don't hurt themselves," he says.

REMSA will have a medical tent in Victorian Square if anyone needs medical attention. They will provide water and sunscreen to anyone who needs them as well.

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