Firemen fix boy's bike after he was hit by a car

Published: Mar. 25, 2016 at 9:41 AM PDT
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Nine-year-old Matthew is your typical boy. You can catch him sitting on the floor of his house playing video games. But what he really enjoys is riding his bike. Just watch his eyes when he talks about it.

"I like to ride my bike a lot," he said. "Like a lot!"

His mom, Syrena Davis, says whenever the weather is nice Matthew can be found in shorts, riding his bike on dirt paths, around the neighborhood, or on the way to school.

That's what he was doing a few weeks ago, when the unexpected happened.

"[My friend and I] were riding across and out of nowhere the car just hit me."

Matthew was crossing the intersection of South Meadows and Double R on his way to school. He says he didn't see the car coming and the man driving the car told Matthew he didn't see him either.

Davis says it was the phone call she never wanted to get.

"I don't think any parent wants to get that call," she said I didn't even stop to ask him if he was okay, was anyone hurt. I just went straight over there."

And for the firefighters responding to the call, the same thoughts were going through their minds.

Ben Rupert, a firefighter at Station 12, said when he her the call came out, he couldn't help but think the worse.

Fortunately for Matthew, he only had minor injuries.

"I feel kinda lucky because it could have killed me," he said.

But his bike was another story.

"His bicycle was the one that took the grunt," Rupert said. "You couldn't use the bicycle. It was damaged to the point where tires and breaks were pretty bad."

Looking at the bike, another fireman on the crew suggested they take Matthew's bike back to the station and try to fix it. At most fire stations, people can leave bikes to be donated to the Kiwanis Bike Program. The firemen called around and found a new bike. Matthew was riding one he got for Christmas, so he asked the firemen if there was anyway to save it. Since having his own bike meant so much to Matthew, the firemen were able to take parts off the replacement bike and fix Matthew's/

Matthew's mom said she would have replaced the bike herself, but this was a gesture Matthew's mom said went above and beyond their normal duties.

"They understood how important it was for a little boy to have his bike. Some little boy, somewhere who got injured in an accident they had nothing to do with, and that's just simple kindness and I appreciate that."

Rupert says helping out the community in little ways is what sets the Reno Fire Department apart.

"I think that's what really makes a very, very good fire department is not one that gets the alarm shows up, does what they have to do. I think the fire dept that takes the time to make everyone feel special, get involved in the community, that's what really makes a great fire department.

Now Matthew is back to being his rambunctious self, and there's only one thing he can say.

"Thank you very much!"