Sutcliffe residents allowed to return home

Tule Fire courtesy KOLO viewer Eric
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SUTCLIFFE, Nev. (KOLO) - Heavy winds spread flames from the Tule fire through Sutcliffe Saturday. Several buildings and cars were destroyed and power was knocked out.

"When the winds changed we saw the flames come across the highway in about 15 minutes, it was that fast," Sutcliffe resident Brenda Tobey said. "Once the wind changed my husband said we need to get out and we packed the car."

It wasn't long before bad news came.

"Some neighbors saw that our vehicles and my son's mobile home was on fire so we figured our house was probably up in smoke too," Tobey said.

The family returned to find the home undamaged.

"I'm completely overwhelmed and extremely grateful to the community and the fire crews," she said. "I can't believe I had the power turned back on today."

She says the entire community responded when they first saw the smoke.

"A neighbor came over and did a fire break around the house; everybody was looking out for each other," Tobey said. "Everybody was very aware of what was going on with their surroundings, checking in on each other, it was fabulous."

Most of her oldest son's belongings are gone but at this point, the family is looking to the future.

"My son is leaving in two weeks to go to the National Institute of Health," she said. "He's got the shirt on his back, that's all he has, but he's excited about this opportunity so we're very grateful, we truly are."

Pyramid Lake remains closed and the gym in Nixon remains open to help those affected by the fire.