Final layer of paving complete on Glendale Avenue

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CARSON CITY, Nev - As the Nevada Department of Transportation completed the final layer of paving on the Glendale Avenue reconstruction project on Wednesday, more than 34,000 tons of old asphalt have been recycled and reused as part of the new roadway.

Construction work and lane closures will continue through December 2017 with roadway striping and completion of median island, roadway signage, sidewalk and utility work. Motorists are advised to reduce speeds and follow all road work signage.

More than 12 miles of new lanes have been reconstructed and repaved, providing a new roadway surface on Glendale Avenue/Second Street between Kietzke Lane and east McCarran Boulevard. A process known as roadbed modification was used to remove, mix and replace the existing roadbed with a new, smooth roadway surface. Approximately 27,000 tons of old roadbed was combined with new materials to create the foundation for the roadway. Additionally, 7,000 tons of the old road surface was combined with new paving materials to create the new blacktop surface. Incorporating existing road materials reduces the cost of the project, recycles existing products and reduces our need for new products.

“If we didn’t use recycled materials and used new instead, the approximate additional cost would be more than half a million dollars,” NDOT Resident Engineer Brad Durski explained. “Ultimately, we’re not only saving project costs, but reducing the amount of materials hauled to and from the project while providing a safer, smoother drive.”

NDOT also utilizes stormwater best management practices and control measures during and after construction to ensure protection of water quality, including near the Truckee River.

The repaving is part of NDOT’s approximately $14 million project by contractor Granite Construction to improve Glendale Avenue/Second Street for the as many as 14,500 vehicles traveling the road daily. As part of the reconstruction, sixteen inches of old pavement and roadbed surface was removed. The roadbed was then recompacted for a sturdier roadway base and topped with eight inches of new asphalt for a durable roadway surface, particularly important with the roadway’s heavy truck traffic. Crews also installed more than 2,000 cubic yards of concrete to create a more durable concrete roadway surface at the heavily-traveled Rock Boulevard and Galletti Way intersections.

In addition, roadway drainage improvements were made as part of NDOT’s dedication to preserving the quality of stormwater crossing state roadways. Segments of sidewalk were also added to create a more continuous walkway along the north side of Glendale Avenue.

Major construction is scheduled to continue through late 2017, with potential minor finishing construction in spring 2018. Further project information is available at here or by dialing (775) 352-1920.

The road was last fully repaved in 1995, with minor resurfacing in some areas more recently.