Final day for enrolling in health insurance plan

RENO, Nev (KOLO) A busy day at the convention center Friday as local residents signed up for health insurance on the last day to do so.

There are plenty of forms to fill out, and plenty of documentation that needs to be presented to qualify for health insurance.

But by the end of the day everyone who walks out of the Reno Sparks Convention Center should have coverage if they want it.

Sheldon Bach says this is his first time signing up for insurance, he's gone without for three years now.

“I do realize there is some dental work I need, and there are other things I probably should get checked out. With my wife just passing, I should take care of myself. No more Russian roulette,” says Sheldon Bach, Closeout Event Participant.

No doubt there are plenty of people outside this building who are going to continue to play Russian Roulette-- go without insurance and pay the fine on their income taxes.

There is no other way to get health insurance after December 15, unless you have a qualifying health event.

“Meaning maybe you turned 27 and were dropped off of your parent's plan Maybe you lost your job. Maybe you were dropped off of Medicaid or some other health insurance, if you get married. If your income changes or if you have a baby, All of these would qualify you to enroll after the deadline,” says Janel Davis, from the Silver State Health Exchange.

Without insurance you may be able to find a health clinic where you can pay on a sliding scale basis.

But if a major accident, or health problem should arise you will be on the hook for payment.

“These stories get told to us from our clients. Thank God I got that policy because wouldn't you know I used it way more than I ever used it in the past. And it ended up saving my life, it ended up completely avoiding bankruptcy. Or I never thought I'd hit the maximum out of pocket and I hit it in February,” says Alex Sampson, a broker with Health Benefits Associates. .

You have until midnight December 16, to sign up or health insurance.