FedEx ready for busy holiday season

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Things are moving right along at the FedEx facility in east Reno as workers go through the conveyor belt and sort through boxes that need to go out across the Truckee Meadows this holiday season.

"This is the heaviest time of the year for us, but we plan all year for this so we're already ready and prepared," says Shannon Eskridge, FedEx Express Senior Manager.

And this year, FedEx Express is expecting record amounts of volume.

"I think a lot of that is just driven by e-commerce," says Eskridge. "We all do shopping online and I just think people are doing it earlier and earlier, so we see that volume earlier and earlier."

So even earlier, it's all hands on deck at the facility on Capitol Boulevard. The morning is the busiest time as drivers stock their trucks and get ready to leave to make their deliveries. Driver Tim Myers has been working for FedEx for twelve years and loves the excitement of delivering during the holiday season.

"Super busy," he says."Just go, go, go and do it as safe as possible."

Myers says right now, he's making between 120 to 150 deliveries a day, which is nearly double the number of stops he would make outside the peak season. But he says these are the types of stops he looks forward to most. He looks forward to the friendly faces that greet him when he makes these December deliveries.

"We are definitely somebody they want to see because we are bringing them something that they can bring joy to somebody else," says Myers.

While the sun is out on this day and there are no storms slowing things down, FedEx says when wild weather does hit, customers shouldn't be concerned about delays.

"One of the great things for us is we have 18 meteorologists on sites 24 hours a day and they're monitoring weather events," says Eskridge. "Not just here in Reno, but across the world, so we always have a great heads up if there's any weather coming in. Our biggest concern is keeping our fleet safe and making sure they're out there delivering packages."

Eskridge has a tip for customers who are concerned about packages getting delivered and then stolen from their doorsteps. She says -- if you are expecting a FedEx delivery -- you can go online to and divert your shipments from home to a FedEx office or off-site facility to hold for pickup. She says that could give customers a little more piece of mind.