February snow survey brings good news

MOUNT ROSE, Nev. (KOLO) - With snow packs well above normal, skiers aren’t the only ones happy about the snow we’ve been getting.

“If you were to melt down these ten feet of snow, it would be 30.5 inches deep -- so well up my knee -- it’s the liquid water in the snow, so you can kind of imagine that draped across this whole landscape and that’s what’s going to help fill up our lakes and reservoirs for the summer,” says Jeff Anderson, hydrologist for Nevada's Natural Resources Conservation Service.

That means the area is going to have a full water supply and maybe even carry over storage for next year.

“We hope to be 100% of median, so we are 130% of median so we are, well, 30% higher than we should be, and it just happened in the last 5-6 days. February 1st we were 103% of median, and now we are 130% of median, so one storm makes a huge difference,” says Anderson.

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We are about 3 weeks ahead of schedule; we could be seeing April 1 numbers by mid-February.

Really it only takes one or two storms like the ones we just had to get to that April 1 value; the amount of snow we are seeing right now is similar to March 1.