Fatal accident demo showcases first responder safety

SPARKS, Nev. (KOLO) It's something no one ever wants to experience....being involved in a serious crash.

They happen every day and it's those types of incidents local agenices are training for.

Responder safety is just one aspect of this demonstration at the Nugget Casino parking lot.

The agencies are all working towards a common goal...to save lives.

A DUI, secondary crash and even an operation rescue are just a few examples of what the Traffic Incident Management team must respond to.

This demo is part of the 3 day Nevada Traffic Safety Summit to enforce safe driving and reduce fatalities.

"What this helps do is it brings all our first responders and emergency responders together to learn the best techniques to best clear as quickly and efficiently as possible any incidents on our roadways." said PIO Meg Ragonese from the Nevada Department of Transportation.

In this demonstration, there are multiple crashes.

One crash happens after the driver of a black car smashes into a silver sedan due to the driver following too closely.
A garbage truck tries to over correct and turns on its side.

"Twenty to 22 percent of crashes across the country are secondary crashes," said Lt. Kevin Honea from the Nevada Highway Patrol. "So by getting those roadways open quicker and we reduce the potential of secondary crash and that's our main goal."

Lt. Honea said this demonstration and training is years in the making, with the state of Nevada at the forefront in traffic safety management due to their best practices.

"The TIM principles are effective because everybody here has a job, there's not one single entity that is in charge of this scene," added Lt. Honea. "Our goal is to provide care for all parties involved, everyone does their job as quickly as they can with the goal to save lives."

Multiple agencies in today's training involves first responders from across the state. This includes Sparks, Reno and Las Vegas.

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