Family holds gender reveal amid COVID-19

Published: May. 23, 2020 at 9:08 PM PDT
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Gender reveals are a big deal.

The Coronavirus has made those large gatherings tough to plan.

"Since we came out with this (plan) we just decided to do it however we can," said Mayra, who is the cousin of future father Jorge Diaz.

An estimated 50 relatives and friends showed up Saturday to support Jorge and his wife, Yennifer Diaz, who will have their first child together in October.

"Pregnancy is already an overwhelming process especially when it's your first child so just knowing there's a pandemic going on just makes it more stressful," Yennifer said.

The Diaz have been married for four years. The couple had an elaborate gender reveal planned. Then COVID-19 forced a change.

"We would have had a really big party in the back yard. We're known for having parties," Jorge said. "We had to use the front yard which is a lot bigger."

"People can stay in their cars if they don't feel comfortable being around other members of the family," Yennifer added.

So the Diaz family made adjustments. Everyone who came to see them stood out in the street or stayed in their cars. Being able to see people they haven't had the chance to talk with in a while was a blessing.

"I feel like I lost the family during all of this," Jorge said of not being able to see people in person. "They don't get to go through the process like I did for them."

Yennifer also felt that the celebration was missing something.

"Usually you have a party and everyone is gathering, cheering, taking shots, and right now we're just like 'okay, thank you guys. You can go.'"

The couple didn't have the perfect celebration they hoped for. But it's a celebration they'll never forget.

"It will be memorable just because we weren't able to have the gathering that typically you're used to having," Yennifer said.

When the time was right, the couple opened the garage door to reveal a blue sign with blue balloons. It's a boy. Rey Ace Diaz is expected to be born October 12, 2020.

"We didn't care if it was a boy or a girl. We just cared that it was healthy," Yennifer said of the reveal.

Jorge and Yennifer hope their next child will have a more traditional welcoming.

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