Family adopts Camp Fire victims

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DOYLE. Calif. (KOLO) - When a fire moves faster than the ability to communicate, being forced to leave without looking back is a tough reality many have to face.

“We were all separated and that's all we have is each other, we have no other family and that's the only thing we have, us, and that is the scariest thing, is not knowing where each other is,” says Jamie Workman, Camp Fire victim.

Dawn and Jason heard their story and decided that writing a check wouldn't do, so they adopted Jamie, her daughter and grand-kids.

“It was scary because I couldn't talk to my little brother, which is the scariest part, not knowing if he's okay, if he's safe, where he's at,” says Deegan Davey, Camp Fire victim.

The sounds of flames and destruction have been replaced by the barks and smiles of a family now reunited and safe.

“This is not just a dump-and-run situation; it’s not something you can whip out a gift card, 20 bucks here and there. We see that there is people that need what we have,” says Jason Avilla, helping Camp Fire victims.

The fire is now contained, but the aftermath is long-lasting, The hope is they can go back to having a life, after disaster has rocked them to the core.

“This keeps them out of the weather and safe and fed, but this is just existing, I want them more than exist; I want them to get back to life,” says Dawn Huckins, who is helping Camp Fire victims.

The temporary situation is good for now, but Jamie and her family are looking for their own place to call home. They have started a GoFundMe to buy an RV.

Dawn and Jason say they want them to get back on their feet so they can start helping more fire victims.