FEMA will hire for new Nevada assistance recovery center

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CARSON CITY, Nev. (KOLO) - The Federal Emergency Management Agency has announced it will establish a Recovery Service Center in Carson City to offer additional support to the survivors of Hurricane Harvey and other ongoing disaster operations. Establishment of the service center will not affect ongoing support to state, local and tribal applicants for the flooding that took place in Nevada in January and February 2017.

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Governor Brian Sandoval says, “Nevada is proud to serve as a base of operations for FEMA as the victims of Hurricane Harvey begin to seek the resources necessary to rebuild their homes and communities. I am pleased that Nevadans will be helping their fellow Americans and we’ll work with FEMA to ensure its hiring demands are fulfilled so assistance can be provided in a swift manner and the victims of the Hurricane can begin the difficult process of restoring their lives.”

FEMA will send other U.S. Department of Homeland Security and additional FEMA employees, and recruit local Nevadans to staff the new recovery service center.

The center will receive and process applications from disaster survivors for disaster assistance through its toll-free registration number and through online registration. The Carson City center will seek to build initially to 300 customer service representatives working at a time, and therefore seeks hundreds of people willing to lend their skills and experience to this disaster support function.

People interested in applying for FEMA temporary customer service positions can find more information here.