Eye drops and other ointments recalled over sterility concerns

Eye drops sold at Walgreens are among the products being recalled. (Source: FDA/Walgreens/CNN)

(CNN) - Eye drops and ointments sold exclusively at Walmart and Walgreens have been recalled.

The Food and Drug Administration said the products may not be sterile.

Altaire Pharmaceuticals, Inc., issued voluntary recalls for various Equate products, including treatments for allergy relief, solutions, eye drops and gel drops - all manufactured and labeled for Walmart.

The company also recalled several Perrigo prescription ointments listed on the FDA website.

For Walgreens, Altaire has recalled several over-the-counter and prescription eye drops and ophthalmic ointments, including moisturizing eye drops, sodium chloride ophthalmic ointment, and lubricant eye ointment.

The products are under the brand name Walgreens.

There haven’t been any reports of issues with these products.

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