Evicted mobile home park residents looking for reprieve

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LOYALTON, Calif. (KOLO) - The remaining residents of a troubled mobile home park in Loyalton have been facing a November 4 deadline to leave their homes. Two days ahead of that, many of them journeyed to a courtroom in Downieville, seeking a reprieve.

Residents went to court hoping for more time to gather belongings and find new homes. They didn’t go away with much.

To review, this park has a long history of code violations and financial problems. Abandoned by its owner and his lender, its state permit was suspended nearly two years ago. No rent, no taxes have been collected since then. Water and sewer bills have gone unpaid. Squatters moved in and things just got worse. A court-appointed health and safety receiver took charge, decided the park itself was a hazard and began knocking down abandoned or illegally occupied buildings and gave remaining residents until Saturday to get themselves and their possessions out.

An attorney representing them filed for a restraining order seeking more time. A hearing was scheduled for Thursday afternoon in Downieville. Instead, attorneys huddled with the judge in his chambers. When they emerged nearly two hours later, this was the deal:

Residents now have until Monday the 13th to leave, basically one more week. If they leave in that time they will receive $3,000 for relocation expenses. If they don’t they’ll forfeit that.

But residents expected more.

Ernest Rimmer, who has been there 16 years, says, "So a new deadline, after which utilities will be cut off. In the interim, by the way, they will be allowed to use only legal heat sources, no unauthorized wood stoves or electrical heaters."

The receiver has been hitting the fire danger issue hard. The people in court were angry and scared when we first met them last week. They are still angry and frustrated and scared. But now perhaps resigned to an uncertain future.

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