JCPenney and UNR work to empower students through clothing

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - JCPenney and UNR got together to help 150 students find outfits that make them look and feel more confident about that first job interview.

“It’s helping them to get a start so they can get interviews and get out into the real world,” says JCPenney General Manager Mairin Avila.
The first-ever event allowed students to get an extra 40% discount on professional clothing, putting student on the path to success.

“This seems to be a time of the year where students have a lot of interviews coming up; they are going to be applying for different summer internships and they will start to have more interviews coming up in the next few months, so we want to make sure they are ready for those,” says UNR student Carissa Bradley.

Tips on fashion trends, how a suit should fit, what size to buy, how to tie a tie and a makeovers were also part of the deal.

“I think original price is 190 for the blazer and 50 bucks for the pants and I have a 40% coupon,” said UNR student Kenneth Ronquillo, as he tried on his brand new suit.