Emergency kit for evacuated pets developed in Reno

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) Most likely you’ve heard about the importance of packing a kit for you and your family should you be forced to evacuate in an emergency. Chances are you haven’t followed through for yourself, much less another member of the family—your pet. That’s the inspiration for the Pet Evac Pak.

Teri Fleming and her dog Cid are going on a ride. In the back of her car, a mother's day gift she gave to herself. It's a Pet Evac Pac.

“I got it for Cid and I in case we have to evacuate. We have all the important ingredients he needs to survive,” says Fleming.

The Pet Evac Pak is the brainchild of Michelle Danielson and Claudia Wiles.

After Michelle's journey with her dog Marshall to Houston last September, taking dog food and rescuing several Dalmatians, she realized many pet owners don't prepare for emergencies for themselves, much less their dogs or cats.

“So what our goal is, we want to help everyone become their pet's hero. And by having that kit, that's one way you can do that. Then you can be prepared for anything,” says Wiles.

Michelle says the packs come in three sizes. One each for medium to large dogs, small dogs, and cats.

“In the big dog pack we have a first aid kit. Right here in the front, easy to get to, it has everything you need. Your pet is actually good for 72 hours. It is all packaged to last 5 years and it has the expiration date on it. It comes with 12 bags of water," says Danielson.

You can separate items like the pet first aid kit and carry it with you on everyday hikes or walks.

Prices range from $67.99 to $79.99, and all items used in the kit can be replaced.

If you would like more information on the Pet Evac Pak, click here.