Elko County residents react to COVID-19 outbreak

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ELKO, Nev. (KOLO) If you head east on Interstate 80, you still can’t avoid reality of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Walmart in Fernley looks similar to the Reno locations, with shelves completely cleaned out of things like paper goods. And foods like meats, are in short supply.

“We have been seeing a bit more of a purchase frenzy,” said Elko County resident Landon Wilkey.

Farther east at the Walmart in Elko, the scene is similar, with the shelves cleared out even before the recent news of two positive cases of COVID-19 in the county.

“Even in our small town shelves are empty of toilet paper and other goods,” said Elko resident Erin Gerber.

Down the road in West Wendover, Nevada, the mood is similar, but slightly more optimistic.

“There are some advantages to living in the middle of the desert,” Wilkey added, when talking about how fewer people means fewer chances to get infected.

Bruce Walter Sr. recently moved to Wendover from Las Vegas, and says he has never felt better about living in a small town.

“The bigger cities everyone is worried because how far away can you get from everybody,” he said. “You have 2.5 million people in Las Vegas and when here you have only 5,000, so it’s kind of nice!”

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