Easter Bunny surprises children in hospital

RENO, NV (KOLO) For more than two years,Amplified Entertainment
has been visiting children and providing gifts to them and their families at Renown Children's Hospital.

"We have community first wagons that were custom built and fresh banners on them and we bring a party character or a princess in and our team of individuals that come in and dedicate their time to our community," Ken Allen, owner of Amplified Entertainment, says.

Jake Rasmuscen's daughter, Ainsley, gets to go home. He says this visit was the perfect sendoff.

"It means a lot her spirits are better and it makes things easier," he says.

Veronica Thompson's seven-month-old son has been hospitalized for 155 days. He will now get to spend his first ever holiday at home.

"It's nice we've been really spoiled with visits and I think this is his first legitimate visit and of course he loves it," she says.

Physician in Chief Max Coppes says the care that kids receive at Renown is unmatched in Northern Nevada.

"I think that we all should be really proud of the hospital here that provides excellent care. You've got doctors like me that go around like this and you couldn't do that in an adults ward they'd look at you strangely and here it brings smiles to kids and parents," Coppes says.

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